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Trimming Potentiometers

Suntan is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of Trimming Potentiometers. Including SMD Trimming Potentiometers, Rectangular Trimming Potentiometers, Wirewould Trimming Potentiomers, Phenolic Trimming Potentiometers and 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 terminal Trimming Potentiometers etc. Please refer to below product list of Trimming Potentiometers.

Trimming Potentiometers Pictures

  • Rectangular Trimming PotentiometersTSR-3006
  • 7 Terminal Square Trimming PotentiometersTSR-3323
  • 5 Terminal Square Trimming PotentiometersTSR-3296
  • 1/4 Square SMD Trimming PotentiometersTSR-3361
  • 9 Terminal Square Trimming PotentiometersTSR-3362
  • 8 Terminal Square Trimming PotentiometersTSR-3386
  • Circularity Trimming PotentiometersTSR-3329
  • 5 Terminal Square Trimming PotentiometersTSR-3266
  • 3 Terminal SMD SquareTSR-3269
  • Phenolic Trimming PotentiometersTSR-065
  • Precision Multiturn Wirewound PotentiometerTSR-3590
  • 6 Terminal Trimming PotentiometersTSR-105H
  • 6mm Ceramic Trimmer PotentiometerTSR-65M
  • 6mm Ceramic Trimmer PotentiometerTSR-625
  • 6mm Ceramic Trimmer PotentiometerTSR-633
  • 6mm Ceramic Trimmer PotentiometerTSR-655
  • 8mm Ceramic Trimmer PotentiometerTSR-805
  • 8mm Ceramic Trimmer PotentiometerTSR-825
  • 8mm Ceramic Trimmer PotentiometerTSR-855
  • Wirewound Element - 3540 / Hybritron Element - 3541TSR-3540,3541
  • SMD Trimmer Potentiometer - 3mmTSR-C3305
  • 6mm Phenolic RoundTSR-3318

Trimming Potentiometers List

  1. TSR-3006Rectangular
  2. TSR-33237 Terminal Square
  3. TSR-32965 Terminal Square
  4. TSR-33611/4 Square SMD
  5. TSR-33629 Terminal Square
  6. TSR-33868 Terminal Square
  7. TSR-3329Circularity
  8. TSR-32665 Terminal Square
  9. TSR-32693 Terminal SMD Square
  10. TSR-33186mm Phenolic Round
  11. TSR-33066mm Cermet Round
  12. TSR-33099mm Round
  13. TSR-065Phenolic
  14. TSR-3590Precision Multiturn Wirewound Potentiometer
  15. TSR-105H6 Terminal
  16. TSR-65M6mm Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometer - 65M
  17. TSR-6256mm Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometer - 625
  18. TSR-6336mm Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometer - 633
  19. TSR-6556mm Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometer - 655
  20. TSR-8058mm Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometer - 805
  21. TSR-8258mm Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometer - 825
  22. TSR-8558mm Ceramic Trimmer Potentiometer - 855
  23. TSR-3540Wirewound Element - 3540 / Precision Element - 3541
  24. TSR-C3305SMD Trimmer Potentiometer - 3mm

Suntan Trimming Potentiometer - 3386 series with knob

Now Suntan TSR-3386 all sub-series are available with knob now for finger adjustment. When you place order, just need add suffix letter 'T' for new order code. This single turn square trimming potentiometer is cemet, sealed for industrial use, it is with many terminal types, such as TSR-3386B, 3386C, 3386H, 3386J, 3386S, 3386W, 3386T, 3386U, 3386Y, 3386G, 3386V, 3386F, 3386K, 3386M, 3386R and TSR-3386X.

The resistance tolerance for this series is 5% or 10%, rotational life is 200 cycles. Standard package is 50pcs per tube. It is popular in the market, especially Suntan brand products are mostly welcome by our European customers for its stable good quality. Welcome to contact us if interested in this type of Trimming Potentiometer.

Suntan Trimmer Potentiometer - 6mm & 8mm Ceramic series

Our new launched Trimmer Potentiometers series TSR-65M, TSR-625, TSR-633, TSR655, TSR-805, TSR-825, TSR-855 are used with below common characters:

  1. 6mm or 8mm Round/ Single-Turn/ Cermet Industrial/ Open Frame
  2. Cross slot adjustment options
  3. Horizontal and vertical mounting styles
  4. Dust resistant/ splash resistant covers
  5. PC board stand-offs and retention feature
  6. Front and top adjust styles

Each series is introduced with different drawing, including typical electrical & environmental Characteristics, mounting detail tolerance, and special resistances are also available.Our these 6mm & 8mm Trimmer series are hot selling with good quality, orders keep increasing each month.

We will have samples show for these new Trimmer Potentiometers in our each upcoming exhibitions, such as in Amper 2008, ElectronicAsia 2008 in Hong Kong, and in Electronica 2008 in Germany. So, welcome to visit our booth also at these fairs.

Suntan Trimming Potentiometers selling keep increasing

Suntan can offer all kinds of Trimming Potentiometers, as below:

  1. TSR-3006 - Rectangular Trimming Potentiometers
  2. TSR-3323 - 7 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
  3. TSR-3296 - 5 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
  4. TSR-3362 - 9 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
  5. TSR-3386 - 8 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
  6. TSR-3329 - Circularity Trimming Potentiometers
  7. TSR-3266 - 5 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometers
  8. TSR-3318 - 6mm Phenolic Round Trimming Potentiometers
  9. TSR-3306 - 6mm Cermet Round Trimming Potentiometers
  10. TSR-3309 - 9mm Round Trimming Potentiometers
  11. TSR-065 - Phenolic Trimming Potentiometers
  12. TSR-3590 - Precision Multiturn Wirewoud Potentiometer
  13. TSR-105H - 6 Terminal Trimming Potentiometers

Trimming Potentiometers is used by more and more products, its application including satellite receivers, modems, LCD displays, set-top boxes, and meters and instruments, as well as entertainment devices, such as cameras, and MP3 players...

we can accept very small quantity with very competitive price, the delivery time is 2 weeks around. With our good support, our sales is keep increasing each month.