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Suntan is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of Trimming Potentiometers, Capacitors, Varistors, It was founded in 1978 and now have 4 factories in mainland China with over 1500 workers. The increasing market demand of our product enable us expand production line continously for wide range of Capacitors, including Tantalum Capacitor, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, Film Capacitor, Ceramic Capacitor, Mica Capacitor,Bridge Rectifier, Trimmer Capacitor etc.

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Suntan Products List

  1. Plastic Film CapacitorsPlastic Film Capacitors
  2. Motor CapacitorsMotor Capacitors
  3. Gold CapacitorsGold Capacitors
  4. Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorsAluminum Electrolytic ...
  5. Ceramic CapacitorsCeramic Capacitors
  6. Tantalum CapacitorsTantalum Capacitors
  7. Safety Standard Recognized Capacitor - YSafety Capacitors - Y
  8. Mica CapacitorsMica Capacitors
  9. Ceramic Trimmer CapacitorsCeramic Trimmer Capacitor
  10. Trimming PotentiometersTrimming Potentiometers
  11. VaristorVaristor
  12. Rectifier DiodeRectifier & Diode
  13. Su Bridge RectifiersSu Bridge Rectifiers
  14. Quartz CrystalQuartz Crystal
  15. SwitchSwitch
  16. SMD Type LEDSMD Type LED

Suntan Strong Product List

M7 : SMD Rectifier M1-M7
TSV : Dipped Varistor (VDE,UL)
TS01 : Mylar Film Capacitor
TS02 : Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor
TS04 : Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor - Axial/Cycloidal
TS05 : Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor - Mini Box
TS11 : Motor Running Capacitors
TS15 : Ceramic Disc Capacitor
TS16 : High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor
TS17 : Multilayer (MONO) Axial & Radial
TS18 : Multilayer (MLCC)Ceramic Capacitor - SMD
TS19 : Dipped Tantalum Capacitor
TS20 : Chip Tantalum Capacitor - SMD
TS22 : Safety Standard Recognized Capacitor - Y
TS23 : Mica Capacitor
TSC6 : Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor - 6MM
TSC3S : Special Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor - SMD - 3MM
TS08S : 275VAC Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor - X2 - TS08S (ENEC,VDE,UL)
TS08V : 310VAC Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor - X2 - TS08V (ENEC,VDE,UL)
TS09B : High Voltage Box-Type Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor
CD110X : Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Radial
TS13C0 : Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD
TSR-065 : Trimming Potentiometers Phenolic
TSR-3006 : Trimming Potentiometers Rectangular
TSR-3296 : Trimming Potentiometers 5 Terminal Square
TSR-3323 : Trimming Potentiometers 7 Terminal Square
TSR-3386 : Trimming Potentiometers 8 Terminal Square
TSR-3362 : Trimming Potentiometers 9 Terminal Square
TSR-3329 : Trimming Potentiometers Circularit
TSR-C3305 : Trimming Potentiometers SMD - 3MM
LL4148 : Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode
MB10S : Single Phase 0.8 AMPS. Bridge Rectifiers (UL,Su Trademark)
TSQ-HC49S : Quartz Crystal

Suntan is well established and specializes in service and quality with an extensive export and import network. We provide quick turn around for our customers all over the world. Almost 30 years experience with all types of passive components using good materials, state of the art quipment and technology and ongoing QC coupled with extensive R & D assure our customers of the best quality and on time delivery.