Quartz Crystal TSQ-5032SMD

Quartz Crystal TSQ-5032SMDQuartz Crystal TSQ-5032SMD
Following is a Quartz Crystal TSQ-5032SMD specifications and features.

Quartz Crystal TSQ-5032SMD Features

  1. Low cost, Good aging
  2. Wide frequency range
  3. Tight Tolerance and Stability
  4. Designed for automatic mounting and reflow soldering
  5. Tape and Reel (1,000 pcs STD)
  6. Pb-free & RoHS Compliance
  7. Quartz Crystal TSQ-5032SMD Applications

  8. Ideally suited for Disc drives, HDD, PCMCIA Cards, Notebook PC, GPS, Blue Tooth, Wireless LAN, USB Dongle, Pen Driver and Hand held electronic products.

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Quartz Crystal TSQ-5032SMD Specifications
Holder Type SMD5.0*3.2 (Ceramic base and Metal cover)
Frequency Range 10.000MHz – 150.000MHz
Operating Temperature Range -10°C-+60°C typical or custom-designed
Storage Temperature Range -40°C-+85°C typical
Drive Level 100uW typical
Load Capacitance 8pF-32pF or Series
Frequency Tolerance ±30ppm or custom-designed
Frequency Stability ±50ppm or custom-designed
Shunt Capacitance 7.0pF Max
Insulation Resistance 500MΩmin.at DC 100V
Aging First Year ±5ppm Max